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Myself Pankaj Bhandari and Family.

Ever since our dad got us to take up the test, till the day of witnessing the test results, we did not know what to expect.

After seeing the results, we were astonished and wanted to get our counseling done at the earliest. Before the meeting, we were confused as to where we would go, which path we had to take up to reach our goals. As you rightly said, I (Muskaan) was doing a lot of things and that I needed to focus on one thing in particular. Now, with a clear indication as to where Prajul and I must be headed, I am sure will would turn out to be more ambitious and head towards our goals in full speed.

We genuinely thank you for your valuable time and your feedback.

I assure you that we will start injecting the opposites to correct our personalities and to unleash the tap so we could reach our full potential without any blockage.

After the meeting, however, we left with so many doubts and unanswered questions. How do we reach out and go about this?

Thank You

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