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As we have overwhelming response that meets our main objective of reaching this unique product (Career Guidance testing) to as many children as possible, we are extending this 100 Rupees(+GST) for the month of May 2018 also.
If you have any problems related to the on-line test battery at our site, please ensure the following:
1.Make sure your computer monitor is adjusted to at least 1024x768 pixels. Make sure if you are using IE, it should be greater than IE7, (supported by other browsers).
2.Make sure the pop ups in your computer are NOT blocked; to find out, click on tools on the tool bar, click on internet options and find the status of the pop-up blocker. The pop-ups ARE blocked if the log- in page appears again after logging in. If this happens, click on pop-up blocker once again, go out of our site and get back to it again. Else add our site questsystemspvtltd.com to your favorite site.
3.Delete all the temporary internet files in your computer, using the WITHOUT saving option, if you are not able to progress through the battery. For this go to My Computer, Drive C, Documents and Settings, Administrator, Local Settings: Here delete temporary internet files, Temp and History, without saving.
Please also delete all cookies to avoid problem of start button not visible after finishing any part of Test GATB practice session. Also go to Start, settings, Task Bar and Start Menu, advanced and click on clear.
4.Please note that the password given by the system is the only password to be used for logging in. If you are copy-pasting the password, make sure there is no space added in the process, either before or at the end of the password given. Please note that the password is case-sensitive.
5.If you do not finish all the tests before one week ( i.e., within 7x24 hours after you click your first answer), you have to appear for all the tests all over again. But you may use the same ID and password to get access to the test battery.
6.Employees / fresh recruits, not sponsored by organizations to log in as individuals and at the end of the battery of tests, have to fill in the payment details; click on payment details below the product “effective recruitment and placement” to your left on the home page of our site questsystemspvtltd.com, fill in the details and then press the submit button. However, company sponsored candidates, to log in using the id and password given by the company and there is no need to fill in the payment details.
7.Self sponsored individuals to fill in the payment details at the completion of all tests and email the payment details at questsystemschennai@gmail.com.Without this Email we will not be able to process your test results.
Quest Systems Chennai(Branch Office).
Landline: 044-42300163 / 24571259 Mobile Number: 07600014874
Email id :questsystemschennai@gmail.com